Monday, September 16, 2013

Alice Reads: Online Magazines at Zinio

I discovered Zinio by accident. It all started with the desire to resubscribe to Yoga Journal. However, I didn't want to rebuild the clutter of having magazines piling up in my apartment. So when I saw the option to subscribe to digital edition of Yoga Journal on its website, I was beyond happy. It's so cheap for international subscribers, too, at only US$16.95. But how did all that relate to Zinio? The delivery platform of the magazine uses Zinio and it's compatible with iPad, iPhone, Android, PC/MAC, Win8, just to name a few.

Here's a screenshot from one of the pages of the latest copy of the Cosmopolitan Italia in My Library.

The Advantages:
  1. Delivery is subito (immediate); you don't need to wait for the physical magazine to arrive and for international readers like me, it could mean I get the latest issue only one month later. Now I get it a few weeks earlier. Hurrah!
  2. I get to keep all the issues minus the piling up, just like Kindle e-books.
  3. I get to read it anywhere without carrying the load with me, again, just like Kindle e-books. The best part is I can also read it on my iPhone. For a person who loves traveling (just like me), it's heaven-sent. And in case you're wondering—wouldn't the page be too hard to read on a small phone screen?—fear not, the "Text" option is available for use. I switch between "Page" and "Text" when I read on my iPhone. I can also take screenshots of the pages I love, so what's not to like about Zinio?
  4. HUGE SAVINGS!! I can now read foreign magazines at a very much reduced rates. I'm currently subscribed to Cosmopolitan Italia, Elle Italia and I'm contemplating to add Vogue Italia to the list of subscription too. Others I subscribed apart from Yoga Journal are Cosmopolitan, La Cucina Italiana, and AFAR (it's a really nice travel mag)—all US editions.
  5. The variety of magazines and selection are awesome. 

The Disadvantages:
  1. I can't feel and smell the paper (I love touching and smelling).
  2. Some magazines are not compatible with iPhone so I can only read them on my PC; for example, all my Italian magazines mentioned in point 4 above.

The Verdict? I LOVE IT! It satisfies my need to read and it's actually quite fun to flip them through my PC or iPhone screen. I heard it's awesome with the iPad (but I don't own one—yet)!