Monday, August 26, 2013

Mailbox Monday: Spanish

I took the plunge!

I felt that now is the right time to begin learning Spanish after falling in love and establishing a loving, long-term relationship with Italian.

I also think that I have a strong enough foundation with Italian to avoid getting myself confused as I  I build a new relationship with lo spagnolo. The two have so much in common!

So, to celebrate Mailbox Monday (and the quest to learn a new language), I added to my personal library three new books:
  1. Fast Talk Spanish
  2. 15-Minute Spanish
  3. Practice Makes Perfect Complete Spanish All-in-One
When I was browsing them at Borders, I couldn't help but compare the Spanish words and phrases with and mentally translating them into Italian. It was an interesting exercise!

The reason I start Spanish now instead of waiting until I "master" Italian is that, I KNOW I will have to wait a lifetime to get started if I take that stance. It'll always be a work-in-progress to master a language, so while I'm enjoying Italian, I should get started with something new, too.

Buon lavoro! (I'll write more in Spanish once I get a baby grip of it. *wink*)

Are you learning a new language too?