Thursday, August 08, 2013

How I Finally Get My Hands on THREE CAME HOME by Agnes Keith

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! After more than two long months, Three Came Home by Agnes Newton Keith came home with me on Saturday, 3 August.

During my Sandakan trip in May this year, I had mistakenly bought two copies of White Man Returns (third book) along with  Land Below the Wind (first book), all by the same author. I was supposed to have Three Came Home (second book) in the pile. I wondered what to do with the extra copy and decided to write to the publisher, Opus Publications, about my predicament. I crossed my fingers and toes hoping something good would come out of the attempt, and it did. The Sandakan Heritage Trail Committee Chairman, Mr. Lai Kin Hang, contacted me!

Mr. Lai was very kind to arrange for a book exchange through a friend of his who was visiting Sandakan in July. Though I never got to meet his friend (let's call him Joe)—Joe's wife passed the book to me when I showed up at the front of his house—I'm glad for the help. Mr. Lai and I were both happy that the mission is accomplished.

Three Came Home was made into a move in 1950 starring Claudette Colbert as Mrs. Keith, living on the island of Sandakan in the Borneo region, with her British husband and young son, when the Japanese invade.