Saturday, August 31, 2013

Alice Eats: Morganfield's Queensbay Mall

My colleagues and I headed out to lunch on a sunny Friday afternoon and while we had in mind other spots to dine in, we couldn't resist ending up in the newly opened Morganfield's (their day two) at Queensbay Mall.

I ordered the Honey Stung Chicken set lunch (RM16.90). It comes with the Soup of the Day or House Salad (pick either one), and bottomless soft drink.

The place was already in full-house mode (for indoor dining), so we sat outside and endured (or enjoyed) the heat (depending on how you look at it). I certainly enjoyed it. We had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Jeffrey Goh, the Group CEO of Capricciosa who sat us down at our table. He handed us the brand new menu and we had a little chit-chat. It's from there I discovered he was a dentist, and very interestingly and successfully ventured into the food business. He's the man famous for starting the Manhattan Fish Market and Tony Roma’s franchises.

Now, back to Morganfield's. Understandably there will be a longer wait because of the crowd. We didn't mind because at least they were courteous enough to let us know and apologized for it.

My colleagues loved the sticky ribs. I don't eat pork, so naturally I attacked the chicken dish. As you can see, my chicken came out looking nice (see pic above) and the fries were yummy. I hated soft drinks but was thankful the set also offered iced lemon tea so that made me a happy girl.

Where to find Morganfield's: Queensbay Mall, Ground Floor No. 38
Telephone No.: +604 643 5049
Opens: 11 AM to 1 AM, Monday through Sunday