Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Teaser Tuesdays: Classroom Confidential #1

My Teaser:

And where are the rest of the students? AWOL. Having a rich fantasy life. Working on a series of Baroque doodles, or drafting the great American novel, one clandestine note at a time. They're bored. Indifferent. Ripe for rebellion. Can you blame them? The teacher has made it clear that their presence is only required so that the body count matches the attendance sheet. Participation is strictly optional—maybe even unwelcome from students with inquisitive minds or an argumentative streak. And that's fine with them. School is simply a rehearsal for retirement, without the cane or walker.

This is from page 92 of Classroom Confidential: The 12 Secrets of Great Teachers by Laurel Schmidt.

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Why I'm reading Classroom Confidential.