Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Join Me in Welcoming John Gower, Nerd/Writer @ NerdWallet

I have a special announcement to make! Starting this month, I will be hosting a special guest writer or blogger who will be writing about travel (my favorite subject apart from books!). His name is John Gower, a Nerd (writer) at NerdWallet.

When John approached me to guest blog on the topic of travel I was thrilled, and when we agreed to focus on Italy, I was a very happy girl. The timing was perfect and I was, in fact, looking for travel post ideas that would lead up to my one-month vacation in Italy in November and sharing them with all of you. So, the theme on Italy will be around until November greets us. Only four more months!

John is into movies, traveling (it has got to be because he's writing about this topic here!), beer, hockey, and bass guitar. You can also follow him on Twitter @johnagower.

About NerdWallet: It is a site that "does the homework for you" in order to make travel easier and cheaper, and help you find great travel experiences. Their insights and tools have been featured in the New York Times and the Huffington Post.