Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Italia a novembre: The Weather

I talked about the two regions I'd be visiting in Italy in November—Lazio and Umbria—and am starting to feel a little anxious. I heard that it starts to get cold and even wet during that period. I decided to look up the temperatures of Central Italy.


Looks like I'd have to be prepared to wrap myself up quite a bit. I proceeded to Lonely Planet (Thorn Tree Forum) for some advice...

Please don't wear plastic poncho: you'd look ridiculous to us (here bikers and cyclist only wear it)...

You don't have to be beautiful—having to fare bella figura is the Italians' problem.

If you are sightseeing and not too proud those plastic ponchos are a great idea (one with a hood is important), you'll pay about anywhere from 6 to 10 Euros for a yellow one here that says 'Rome' on it, which just makes you a bigger target for pickpockets.

ANY plastic poncho (no matter whether yellow or transparent) will identify you as a tourist.

Wouldn't worry about being identified as a tourist personallythey'll pick you out unerringly whatever you wear!

We wore jeans and light sweaters or short sleeved shirts during the day and a leather coat in the evening.

OK. I have jeans. I certainly have light sweaters, and as a matter of fact, I have started to tinker with make up because I read that the women of Rome are very well dressed and dolled up. I must AT LEAST make an effort to look presentable. I need some visuals.

P/S: I might just get one of those plastic ponchos that says 'Rome' on it just so I could fare una foto (take a photo) with it!