Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Italia a novembre: Laser-shape Focus on Lazio and Umbria

It has been decided—at least for now—with my buona guida (good guide) that instead of running around like a headless chicken in Italy trying to cover many places, it would make much more sense to focus only on due regioni (two regions) and live like an Italian while I’m there. I loved this idea.

Here are the two regions I'll be covering extensively: LAZIO and UMBRIA.



This, of course, leaves many regions uncovered, but it'll only give me more great reasons to return to Italia, because I have every intention to do so. Actually, even the attempt to cover two regions seems ambitious. One needs a lifetime to experience what awaits in one region alone. The more I read about a particular place, the more I’m enchanted. So, due respect must be given to each region and I must not rush through my five weeks there.

I might join a few InterNations events, too, while in Rome, if there is any. Vediamo!