Thursday, June 06, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Langkawi Island

This is a not-so-wordless Wordless Wednesday. What you see here today are only some of the pictures of my most recent trip to Langkawi, which was last weekend. Here's a mini collection of the Langkawi Cable Car and Telaga Tujuh. Enjoy the "ride"!

On the ground, waiting for the weather to clear up. The ticketing counter was temporarily closed due to unfavorable weather.

The wait for the weather to clear and then another 1.5 hour in queue was well worth it. The view was spectacular. This is on the way up from the Middle Station to the top.

This is the view from the top. Although the Sky Bridge was closed for maintenance (it has been so for quite some time now), the view was awesome. My travel buddy and I, we were both very contented to be up there.

From afar, we can see yachts or boats docked...

On the way down, I saw the waterfall that we were at. We decided to venture out for a bit while waiting for the weather to be improve and so went to Telaga Tujuh. "We were there!" I exclaimed to my travel buddy.

Here's the waterfall on the way up to Telaga Tujuh.

What are these, do you know?

We could continue our trekking up all the way to Telaga Tujuh, but decided not to. However, I believed we did cover mid way and scaled close to 400 steps from the ground. We headed back to the Cable Car, had lunch and a super ride up, up, up!