Wednesday, May 22, 2013

"Wordless Wednesday" Meets "Wondrous Words Wednesday" in Sandakan

Walking the streets of Sandakan.

The Minibus: One of the many modes of transportation in Sandakan.

All my three words—highlighted in bold—came from the Lonely Planet (Italiano) Malaysia, Singapore e Brunei travel guide. Since I've just returned from my latest Borneo trip in Sandakan, I decided to celebrate the small city by combining Wordless Wednesday and Wondrous Words Wednesday for this post.

Sandakan è stato per secoli un fiorente centro commerciale e lo è tuttora. Dopo le vicine meraviglie naturali, Sepilok e un arcipelago di isole da sogno, la maggiore attrattiva della città è la sua storia turbolenta, raccontata attraverso le reliquie sacre, gli evocativi cimiteri e le favolose dimore coloniali.

In English: Sandakan has been for centuries a thriving commercial center and still is. Following the nearby natural wonders, Sepilok and an archipelago of dream islands, the city's main attraction is its turbulent history, told through the sacred relics, the evocative cemeteries and the fabulous colonial residences.

1) fiorentethriving
2) sogno – dream
3) dimore – residences (or houses or mansions)


Sandakan is a city rich with history and was once flattened during the World War 2. I want to write more about this later, especially after reading Agnes Keith's second book, Three Came Home, which was made into a movie. In the meantime, please come with me to the Heritage Trail (read post here).