Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Stealing from a Thinker

HOW TO BE INTERESTING: I'm so happy I chanced upon this book by Jessica Hagy at Borders. I must say the book is in the color of my favorite shade of blue. And it's full of charts (just the way I like it, maybe because in my work I do charts. A lot.) and the contents are listed in 10 simple steps which makes it super easy to read.

In my bus travel this evening, I read the book twice. Yes, it's THAT easy to read, but that doesn't mean it's "fluffy". Apart from the ideas I've already implemented and followed (which again, makes me super happy to know that I'm on the right track), I also get plenty of new ideas.

Ideas such as...
  • Cross Pollinate (seek out those with different passions; experience exponentially)
  • Whine Productively (I just liked how this sounds...)
  • Take Daily Vacations (if only for a few minutes)
  • Learn from All Examples (yep, including the jerks because then you can learn how not to live by)
and so many more.

Now, I have to run to catch my upcoming Harvard Business Review free webinar which will be starting soon. This is so in line with REMAIN A STUDENT: Sign up to learn new things. Philosophy, archery, accounting, painting, diving, fire eating anything you can admit you do not understand. You never know when you'll need a random skill. (page 146) I'm also self-studying Italian, enrolled in a certified teaching course on Coursera starting in August this year, and a few other random things, so I'm already at peace with this one.