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Friday, May 17, 2013

Project Chiseled Marshmallow

I'm weakening mentally (I give in too easily) and physically (as a result of the giving in). Ever since that episode with London Weight Management (LWM) last weekend, I got a tad paranoid with my body. The "good" agents of LWM called me out of the blue and told me I was entitled to a free body treatment session. How they managed to get my contacts I have no clue. I told them I don't need a free session, but they insisted that I grab the opportunity even though I weighed 54 kg at 170 cm for my height. Out of curiosity I went to check out what they're up to.  To cut the long story short, I walked out of the place WITHOUT trying the free session. I didn't want to after listening to the consultant who didn't use any device to conduct the body check but solely her eyes. I politely declined the offer.

NOTE: Today, I received another call but this time from Mary France Bodyline. Gosh, what's with this people and the slimming programs? How they got my contact details remained a mystery.

From that moment onward, I got paranoid. Well, initially I wasn't affected but now I am. Why? Because the consultant who instructed me to strip leaving only my underwear, told me I'm overweight. (I was like, what?) That I'm "flabby". (OK...) That I'm dark-skinned and my skin tone is uneven. (I walk a lot outdoors as part of my exercise regime, you know.)

Now it got me thinking. Whatever the hell happened to my muscles? I need to fix this. I need to work harder than before. I need a stronger resolve to resist bad foods and re-embrace the good stuff. Will I be able to resist coffee or at least cut down the intake? I need to work it (I've laid out my weekly workout routine).

I'm going to have to BRING IT if I want to go from soft to hard. I don't want to be super hard but a "chiseled marshmallow" sounds good. OK, I'll name this quest Project Chiseled Marshmallow.

P/S: Char kuey teow, fried beehoon, fried rice, fried fish, cakes, cookies... BE GONE! *groans*


  1. I'm sorry you had to go through that! We all have different body shapes so it's unfair to be judged solely on a person's opinion. I think they were just trying to sell you their product. If you eat well and follow a good exercise regime you will notice you will have more energy and better toned muscles. A weight scale doesn't say much about us. Muscles weigh more than fat!

  2. Thanks, Laura! That is really sound advice and something I've been doing as well. I'm in good shape now (I wear either XS or S depending on the cut or design) and have always been mistaken as a model because of my frame and height (quite tall for an Asian...). I'm also fit and the funny thing was the other consultant colleague of hers mentioned that I was tough-looking (fit) and she (the one who said I was overweight, etc.) on the other hand totally contradicted everything and finally contradicted herself by blurting out, "Your tummy has 'lines', you do sit-ups?" I think what she meant was abs...

    I do want to become better shaped, though. It's time to take it to the next level! For example, I'm doing standard push-ups well now, so I want to do MILITARY push-ups well. But I also want to balance up with femininity which is why I want some of the soft bits with me; hence the "chiseled marshmallow". LOL!

  3. If you are happy and healthy I wouldn't worry about what someone else says...especially since they may only be trying to sell you something.

  4. You're far from overweight and even farther from flabby. Remember they're trying to sell something, and part of that is trying to convince you that you need them. You don't!


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