Friday, May 10, 2013

Let the Immersion Begin!

Drummers typically take years to learn to move their limbs independently, and guitarists (as I was starting to realize) take many moons to learn to change chords smoothly.

When I looked at the pile of music books I have, I realized I have something in common with Gary Marcus, the author of GUITAR ZERO. He did a small-scale exploratory study (a pilot) to devote a specific amount of time to music. During his family annual retreat (his wife's family owns a lakeside cottage in Canada), he said he brought nearly every piece of musical instrument he owned. "Just because I couldn't play didn't mean I couldn't buy." He also brought a small pile of books on music and other stuff.

When I read in the book what I just wrote above, I immediately turned my head toward the pile of music books I have. It's a modest collection consisting mostly of the For Dummies series. I also have my Ashton acoustic guitar bought many moons ago.

And then there's the "annual retreat". I live in a fairly nice, resort-ish sort of place in Penang, and I'm thinking EVERY DAY CAN BE MY RETREAT right here at home! So what am I waiting for? I can do this. The author's goal during the retreat and immersion was simply to become acquainted with some of music's most basic elements, individual notes, and chords. I'm thinking this is where I'll be starting, too.

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