Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Agnes Keith on Her Book Room

There is a mental energy in this room, discharged and accumulated from the past, which seems to exhilarate you when you enter it. Not only is it a good place to work in, but it is a good place to stop while the bathwater runs, or when dressing for dinner or waiting for breakfast, for there is always something unfinished to be gone on with there.

I first saw this quote at the Agnes Keith House last Saturday (read post here). There I was, standing in front of her Book Room, and this quote was looking at me. I loved it. Then I saw it again in her first book, Land Below the Wind on page 27. I couldn't resist buying the book after the visit to her house.

As a person who has her own Book Room, I can relate. As a person who loves photography, I had to try really, really hard not to take any pictures while inside the house because photography is forbidden.  Maybe I will seek  permission from the Sandakan Heritage Trail Committee for my next visit. I love the house and the story behind it!

Please stay tuned for my book review soon.