Monday, April 01, 2013

The Report: My March Experiment with the Bus

Last month in March, I experimented with taking the bus instead of walking home. To observe and get a reliable feel on the trend, I did it for the whole month. My conclusion: The time taken to wait for the bus plus the ride was a terrible, HUGE time waster. What could’ve been achieved with just 10 minutes (if I walk, for example) ended taking up 45 minutes or more (sometimes an hour) to reach my destination. My March experiment would’ve been a fabulous plan IF…

1)    The bus arrives on time.
2)    The bus GPS system is working most of the time.
3)    The weather is nice (not blazingly hot or pouring)—this has got more to do with my ability to walk than the bus rides.

But what happens when the conditions are not exactly “conducive”?

I reverted to my old practice and improvised some. Time to call for changes for what I thought earlier as “well-thought actions”. This goes to show that whatever it is that you have planned, there’s always a greater force at work, circumstances beyond our control. I’ve reworked it (the plan) which now looks like this to maximize the little time that I have in hand and still be productive. It goes like this: Study Italian - Walk Home #1 - Hit the Deck #2 - Wind Down. Read on for details.

Because of the super-hot weather these days, it’s really challenging for me to walk home immediately after work, so the best time to start vado a piedi is around an hour after work. There’s a library in Intel, so my best bet would be to study my Italian (which I usually do at night before I go to bed) until it is time I start walking. My walks usually take about 40 to 55 minutes depending on traffic condition, and I will continue with the practice of listening to Italian podcasts. That translates to almost two hours of Italian studies every day. HURRAH!

When I reach home all warmed up from the walk, I’ll hit the deck with my second round of workout which is working with weights or yoga, depending on which day it isafter I feed the cat, of course. I have decided to scrap the join-the-gym plan and continue with my “home gym” routine. It’s hard for me to tolerate wasting time commuting unnecessarily. While I can check and post on Twitter, or read while waiting for the bus, it is still not as good as it should be. The focus is just not good enough and I’m dissatisfied with the outcome. This—to me—should only be a backup and not the “main deal” (which in this case is becoming the “main deal” if I stick with the March experiment).

The Lesson: Be always willing to change when necessary. Experiment and see what happens!