Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Stay Humble, Be Contented, Continue Learning

"[...] I've been humbled at what goes on behind the scenes in the lives of people all over the world. It is while traveling—whether in the Congo, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Greece, Hungary, or England—that I've learned to see people not as statistics but as human lives with something to teach. Most people in other countries do not have the necessities we have, let alone conveniences. They don't have the inspirational books, music and conferences so plentiful in our culture. But I've found people of other cultures to be tremendously generous. They have a joyful, authentic faith that is not based on circumstances." —Beth Lueders

This is a wonderful text found in the pages of  GO GIRL (ISBN: 9780800759711) by Marlee LeDai (read my book review posted two days ago). The passage reminded me of my last year's travel to Bangkok, Thailand. I was walking around town with my dashing Italian travel buddy and one of the areas we passed by was under the highway (but I can't remember exactly where). There were families living there in the open, under that huge "bridge".

We have homes, some very big homes, some smaller, but what we have are definitely what these people don't have.

Many of us here are book lovers and we have so many books to the point we don't have enough time to read them all. We have audio books, we have plentiful of music. We have food on our tables, and sometimes we complain about having too many choices and not knowing what to choose.

Whenever I think about the things I don't have or am dissatisfied with what I have, I travel back in time to that place in Bangkok. I am indeed blessed.

What the pilgrims see along the way depends on what they are capable of seeing. —Anne Armbrecht Forbes