Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Alice Travels: Borneo Trip 2013 (Preview)

Thursday, 18 April: Straight from the airport upon arrival from the first flight in the morning, I requested for my taxi driver to send me to the Grand Margherita Hotel (very near the Kuching Waterfront) so that I could buy the shuttle bus tickets to the Sarawak Cultural Village. In fact, almost everything is near the Waterfront, including Backpacker's Stay where I stayed for 3 days and 2 nights.

I did my research before arriving in Kuching. My 2-day itinerary was lined up with the visit to the Sarawak Cultural Village, the Kuching Waterfront, two museums nearby the Waterfront (Chinese History Museum and Textile Museum), two well-known dining spots (Top Spot for great seafood and James Brooke Bistro & Cafe for local dining), the Orchid Garden, both the perahu (small boat) and one-hour river cruise, and of course, the Semenggoh Nature Reserve for orangutans.

My timing was perfect. When I arrived at the Grand Margherita Hotel, I was in time to get to the Cultural Village AND catch the first performance. Don't miss the show, it's worth the all-inclusive RM60 entrance fee (excluding meals). You can stay in the village for the whole day but please be aware of the last shuttle out at 5:15 PM if you don't stay in Damai where the village is located. The shuttle buses are the only means of transportation if you're not driving your own or if you've not booked any tour packages. I bought the RM75 package which included the entrance fee and return shuttle. More about the Sarawak Cultural Village in my next post!

PREVIEW: This is the Rumah Bidayuh inside the Sarawak Cultural Village. You'll get to see more in my next post...

Now, briefly on Backpacker's Stay where I stayed. It's a great backpacker hotel. My two-night stay in a single room with shared bathroom costs only MYR60 (approximately US$18). The staff is friendly and the place is clean and comfortable. It is also "lively" so if you're looking for a quiet, romantic place to be, this is not it. If you're traveling on a budget (but not the bed bugs and dirty accommodation), I highly recommend this. More about this soon, too.

All right. I got to get back to my Italian studies and also another major relocation project, so I'll be back soon. With more updates!