Thursday, March 07, 2013

Alice Reads: Top 10 Places to Visit in Tuscany

The 12-page e-book is a great introduction to Toscana (or, Tuscany in English), a beautiful region in Italy. The top 10 places highlighted in this piccolo libro (small book) are Firenze (or, Florence), Siena, Lucca, Chianti, Pienza e Val d'Orcia, San Gimignano, Versilia, Pitigliano, the Apuan alps, and Pisa. Lovers of medieval towns and towers, wine, and fairytale sceneries will enjoy this short but sweet compilation that’s filled with places with melodious, dreamy names! What’s nice is it gives you an idea—some directions—for more extensive research on your own for your trip.

A free 12-pager e-book from Charming Italy that's filled with beautiful pictures.