Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sail On: Move Ahead and Move On

Create in your mind a scenario of experience, but then put it away. Stuff it into your pocket. Because no matter how you plot and plan, life's winds of adversity of your innocent mistakes will at times blow you off course. When you make interior or exterior journeys, there will be times you don't know where you're going. [...] Whatever you do, keep paddling. —Marlee LeDai

That is great advice. Be open to learning and growing through our misadventures. Christopher Columbus is a great example and legacy. When the going got really tough for him and his crew—sailors grew weary, sick, anxious; food rotted, ship lost at sea; and the crew demanded to turn back—Columbus answered: Sail on. Sail on. Sail on and on. Sail on and on and on. I'm making that my life's modus operandi.

Don't forget to document your journey. For me, I also journal my thoughts and reflections in my blogsuch as this post—so that I can remind myself and for sharing with you too.

Providence rewards those who move ahead and move on.