Thursday, March 21, 2013

Learn to See

Seeing is a learned process. Some of us go through life "seeing" very little of the power and glory around us. We do not properly filter the information that our eyes give through the mental processes of the brain. As a result we often behold things without seeing them at all. We receive physical impressions without grasping their meaning to us. —Napolean Hill

Do you interpret what you see? Is our mental vision okay? Are we mentally nearsighted or farsighted, or both?

If we are nearsighted, we are apt to overlook objects and possibilities that are distant, paying attention only to problems at hand and missing out on opportunities due to failure to plan for the future.

If we are farsighted, the opposite of the above is true. We are apt to overlook possibilities and opportunities that are right before us. We are not connected to the present dreaming in our future world.

For me, I endeavor to identify and remind myself the moment I sense I have succumbed to near- or farsightedness. I will try my best to overcome it and see opportunities even in difficult circumstances with fresh eyes.

Seeing is not only learned, it must be exercised.