Sunday, March 31, 2013

Try Hard Every Day

Today's preparation determines tomorrow's achievement. Unknown

When I read this quote a moment ago, a few things popped into my head. My study of the Italian language, my workout routines, my work at the office and by that I mean (for example) the prep and enhancements I do to the decks I use to conduct my trainings—are just some of the thingsthe things that I do TODAY that will determine how my TOMORROW will look like.

If I don't study today, my Italian will not improve. My scores will not increase. And if I repeat non-preparation enough times, I may even deteriorate in my progress. When I finally go to Italy, I wouldn't be as good as I should have been.

If I don't maintain my workout momentum, I won't gain weight and become out of shape overnight, but it does mean that all the work I've done is wasted. Not only have I not become fitter, I have to waste time reconditioning my body to bring it up to speed again.

So yes, today's preparation do determine tomorrow's achievement and I'm going to enjoy the journey. Everything is difficult before it is easy.