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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Alice Reads: Reduce This Number

"After all, when we talk about how smart, special, or wonderful we are, we learn nothing. When we talk about how stupid, inept, or bad someone else is, we learn nothing. When we listen while someone else does this, we learn nothing."

Continuing on from my last read after the Chinese New Year travel early February, I can't help but agree to the above statement made by Marshall Goldsmith in his book MOJO (ISBN: 9781401310004). This is from page 162.

Often, our Mojo loss in the workplace (check out my previous post for its operational definition, if you're curious) involves our interpersonal communication spent on pointless, non-productive topics.

Based on Goldsmith's findings, the average percentage of such communication is 65 percent. That. Is. A lot. What is the point of injecting "poison" or swimming in one's ego? I think most of us somewhat engage ourselves in this meaningless chatter at different severity level. How do we fix this? The way to go (and it's free!) is to reduce this number, according to Goldsmith.

It's time to make my work life more positive.


  1. Agreed, Alice. Constructive criticism is one thing, but just bragging about ourselves or griping about others does no one any good.

  2. Absolutely, Barbara! Instead, let's think how we can edify others and make more meaningful and fun contributions. That is why we need to maintain our own MOJO!


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