Sunday, February 24, 2013

Every Day Is A Productive Day!

Weekdays: I commute to work in bus revising my Italian. After work, I walk home for 45 minutes listening to Italian podcasts. This way, I get my daily dose. Arriving home I work out with weights, prepare dinner and unwind. Finally, I “manage” my social media: buffering Twitter, and updating Facebook pages and Instagram.

Weekends: Venture out and about Penang. I may choose to “base” at Starbucks Borders to read, study Italian and work with social media. At home, I exercise and update Instagram on the stationary bike. That’s it!

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they're closely linked to my Facebook Page THE WEEKEND TRAVELER.

I hope you have enjoyed this lightning-fast read of my 90-word blog post. Have a wonderful weekend! Buon fine settimana!