Saturday, February 09, 2013

Alice Reads: MOJO by Marshall Goldsmith

I bought MOJO way back in February 2010 and the book been staring at me on the shelf since then. I never really did pick it up until now, three years later.

I started reading it two nights ago. I instantly felt better about my work. It's not that I don't like what I do (I love my job!) but it's my attitude that sometimes when I got so frustrated with the people I work with, I tend to snap and be the opposite of awesome.

When I read MOJO, I realized I needed to be aware of my reaction and check my spirit. I don't want to exude Nojo, the opposite of Mojo. Nojo is that negative spirit toward what they are doing now that starts from the inside and radiates outside (p.22).

Check this out, MOJO vs. NOJO (p.23):

Take responsibility vs. Play the victim
Move forward vs. March in place
Run the extra mile vs. Satisfied with the bare minimum
Love doing it vs. Feel obligated to do it
Appreciate opportunities vs. Tolerate requirements
Make the best of it vs. Endure it
Inspirational vs. Painful to be around
Grateful vs. Resentful
Curious vs. Uninterested
Caring vs. Indifferent
Zest for life vs. Zombie-like
Awake vs. Asleep

When I do my job (and other personal things for the matter), I always want to enjoy the process. I want to appreciate the work itself. Just like blogging or photography, I appreciate the ability to do those things, and also for the subject matters that present themselves. They're all part of an enjoyable process even under less-than-pleasant circumstances.

I instantly felt a lot better after reading the first two chapters of MOJO and resolved to re-radiate that positive spirit at work. The following day at work, I did my best to be friendly and as civil as I can even to undeserving folks. Sometimes work circumstances (especially when dealing with humans) can really suck the joy out of one's life and that's when I sort of become a Nojo (eeeeeeks!).

It's almost time to board the plane. I leave you with the operational definition for Mojo:

is that positive spirit
toward what we are doing
that starts from the inside
and radiates to the outside.