Saturday, February 23, 2013

Alice Reads: Everything You Need to Know About Italian Coffee

Did you know Ethiopia is considered the native country of coffee? Upon arrival in Italy, the Church declared it the devil's brew but Pope Clement VIII blessed it as a Christian drink after trying it. The first European coffeehouse opened in Venice in 1645, but espresso was invented in Turin only in 1884. The custom of caffè sospeso—in the Neapolitan society—is well known but it is not used now as in the past: when a homeless or less fortunate person walked into a café he could enjoy a coffee courtesy of the first customer. Lastly, there are 50 Italian ways to drink a coffee!

A free 8-pager e-book from Charming Italy. Apart from some minor typo errors, it's a really interesting, short read. I'm looking forward to the next e-book!