Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: My New Bag (Another One!)

Happy Wordless Wednesday! About two weeks ago I posted a new handbag, a gift from my sister. Today, I'd like to show off yet another one, this time it is a big bag in my most favorite color (does that make any sense to you?). I saw and fell in love with it at a shop but didn't buy it. My mom, though, secretly bought it and gave it to me as a surprise gift! THANK YOU, MOM! Ti voglio tanto bene!

Here, I was waiting at a bus stop last Saturday to go to Starbucks, Borders for my usual weekend routine.

The size is perfect for a 14-inch laptop (so it's great for my netbook and Kindle, too), and for my books and magazines. The two large dark brown pockets in the front are wonderful for other smaller stuff such as tissue paper, USB cable, earphones...I was in a sad state of bag shortage, so this make me one happy girl!