Friday, January 11, 2013

Celebrating A Year of Italian Culture and Language

I really think that the Universe is working WITH me. Just when I'm focusing my all on Italy this lovely 2013, I came across the post by Diane Hales of Becoming Italian Word by Word. Her post, Celebrating A Year of Italian Culture and Language, caught my attention because it is exactly what I am doing this year: celebrating the culture and language. Although this is for America, I do not see why it is not for me. Haha!

I started learning Italian last year in August after falling head over heels in love with the language. I wanted to learn la bella lingua (the beautiful language) for my trip to Italy, il bel paese (the beautiful country), planned last year for this year. Then, as part of my 2013 goals, I took it up a notch by creating a few personal projects such as the Italian Reading Challenge and Weekly Italian Movie. I also begin to see how my blog has shifted its focus to be more Italian-centric.

To my American friends who wish to find out more about some of the cultural events scheduled around the country in the United States, please visit Diane's post. Here's the Italy national anthem (in Italian with the English translation)—thank you, Diane! I had fun listening to it together with my Italian friend over video chat a moment ago. Mi piace!

From Diane Hale's post: The government of Italy has declared 2013 the "anno della cultura italiana negli Stati Uniti" (the year of Italian culture in the United States), designed to "reveal today’s Italy, its brilliance, and its excellence, anchored in the present and driven by an unparalleled past."