Friday, January 04, 2013

Alice Reviews: Five Focus Areas for 2013

I am reviewing my bucket list, the one I created in November 2011. For 2013, I am narrowing my list to five specific areas or items to focus on and I'm calling it My Five Focus Areas or M5FA. The specific roadmap to "getting there" is not shared here, but I do have my gameplan all ready to be executed. Aha. 2013, I'm so ready for you!
  1. Mastering the Italian language.
  2. Mastering yoga (and be able to bend into all those impossible-looking poses. A girl can dream...).
  3. Watch at least one Italian movie every week. Now, this is a tricky one because it's almost like a joke for me; I have not watch many (and I really mean many) movies that are of many years old. But I'm determined.
  4. Reconnect with music theory
  5. Be better at my workout. By that I mean being able to do more push-ups, lift heavier-duty weights...
Here's my graphical representation of M5FA.

Do you have a list of focus areas as well? Do share!