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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Alice Reads: Teaser Tuesdays (Una Domanda: Bookshops in Galleria, Milan)

For today's Teaser Tuesdays I'm quoting from EASY ITALIAN STEP-BY-STEP (ISBN: 9780071453899) by Paola Nanni-Tate. This is taken from page 51 in a section for reading comprehension:

La vita a Milano è caotica. E difficile conoscere gli abitanti di questa città. A Milano ci sono molti posti interessanti. Nel centro c'`e il famoso Duomo, una chiesa bellissima e molto grande. C'è la Galleria, dove ci sono ottimi ristoranti e bellissimi negozi di argenteria e di abbigliamento.

Nella Galleria ci sono due librerie internazionali molto grandi e molto ben fornite.

The above Italicized sentence caught my attention and my curiosity got the better of me. Here's my English translation: In the Galleria there are two international bookshops that are very big and well stocked. (I am happy to note that I am getting better at comprehending what I read. HURRAH!)

I have a question: can anyone tell me the names of the two bookshops mentioned in the text? My Google search revealed several such as Libreria Bocca, Libreria Rizzoli and IPZS. Grazie tante!


  1. How exciting that you are continuing with your Italian. It is such a beautiful language but I need to finish mastering Spanish first!

    1. Good luck with your Spanish, Kathleen!


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