Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Very often when I read, I come across wonderful, thought-provoking passages. Today, as I bring my night to a close and head to bed, I decided to continue reading Gary Chapman's book, THE FIVE LANGUAGES OF LOVE: SINGLES EDITION (ISBN: 9781881273875). I am now at the section where Chapman discusses the points of dating: why does one date? There are several objectives and he gives us five. The text below is taken from pages 152 and 153, reason number four: practice servicing others.

Dating is a two-way street. Certainly we receive something from the relationship, but we are also to be contributing to the life of the person we are dating. Immeasurable good could be established if we could see service as one of the purpose of dating. [...]

[...] Consequently, you may have been reluctant to speak of your partner's weaknesses, fearing he or she would walk away from you. Genuine service demands that we speak the truth in love. We do not serve each other by avoiding one another's weaknesses.

Fortunately, not all of our service involves pointing out the weaknesses of our dating partners. Often we help them simply by listening as they share their struggles. Empathetic listening is an awesome medication for the hurting heart. [...]

The other reasons for being in a dating relationship are:
  1. Develop wholesome interactions with the opposite sex
  2. Learn about the person, personality, and philosophy
  3. See our own strengths and weaknesses
  4. Discover the person we will marry
If you'd like me to share more from the book on any of the reasons above, please let me know.