Thursday, January 31, 2013


Reader, Photographer, Blogger; Learning Italian

I don't know how to get bored and I don’t have the luxury of time to be bored. When I’m not in action, I’m constantly thinking about the next “project” to embark on. Then there's always the problem of “too many books, too little time”.

I'm a regional platform manager for Asia Pacific, doing what I do best for "a global financial and professional services firm specializing in real estate services". I'm also formerly a professional assistant turned strategic planner turned platform manager. Now three years into my platform manager role, I love what I do with each passing day and the stuff I produce. More about that under the section “Hello, My Name Is Regional Platform Manager”.

Here's a little bit about my personal blog. This space is focused on “passionate living” through books, traveling, photography and writing. You probably wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) care about what I do or read or eat, but truly, if you live life more passionately (just like me), you will reap the benefits in your work and relationships. It's also what I always tell people—about passion—in conferences when I was invited as a guest speaker. My target audience were administrative professionals.

So, I write on anything bookish ranging from book reviews to related memes (Alice Reads), my travelogue (Alice Travels), and food “porn” (Alice Eats). On occasion, I write about random stuff. These are the stuff that make life interesting, and I hope I succeed in influencing you to live the same way (and also to follow my blog). Aha!

I try to write as regularly as possible and that means every day, but I’m being overly ambitious. So, you may safely expect about three posts a week from me, or minimum one. To get a constant dose of Alice Teh, you can subscribe by signing up on the sidebar.

I live with my “daughter”, Trio, in Penang. She’s a beautiful calico cat. I hope to have many good years with my principessa piccola.

Hello, My Name Is Regional Platform Manager

I began my administrative career as a humble clerk serving  two Japanese bosses. That first job was a great foundation because working with the Japanese instilled a great deal of discipline in my already-disciplined-self.

Fast-forward to the present, my role as a regional platform manager for Asia Pacific is an interesting and challenging one. I also provide training in Chinese, Malay and English—another awesome aspect of my work (I hope to put my Italian to good use some day).

The fun part about my job is playing with SharePoint—designing and creating contents for the team site of the account we're serving. But here comes the not-so-exciting part: my main role is producing performance indicator reports, consolidating and crunching data. I also conduct trainings for the various platform applications necessary to run the daily business, so that means as the subject matter expert for Asia Pacific, I develop decks for these applications. My experience as a PA is certainly useful for facilitating and coordinating meetings.

Always loyal to my admin profession, I now have close to 18 years of experience serving in large multinationals and medium-sized corporations. I built my portfolio in various industries such as banking and finance, media and advertising, e-commerce, information technology (IT), telecommunications, management consulting, general insurance, and most recently facilities management. I think this is awesome.

Everything I’ve done in my personal life such as blogging, photography and reading contributed to the success of my work life. Every company I’ve worked for had either taught me new skills or enhanced the existing ones. I wish you every success, too!

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