Monday, December 31, 2012

THANK YOU! Celebrating the End of 2012 and Welcoming 2013

I wanted to end 2012 meaningfully and when I was reading the post by Matt Cheuvront of Life Without Pants, I decided to heed his advice: Saying thank you "to people who have had an impact on my life this year. People who have challenged me. Clients who have hired me. Friends who have motivated me. Sometimes complete strangers who have influenced me.”

So here’s mine in no particular order. I am aware I might be stepping on a few toes but please do not be offended if you don’t see your names here because it doesn’t mean I don’t value you but simply because this vecchia gallina (old hen) may have overlooked it. I seek your forgiveness. Good bye 2012 and I wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013!

  • Mom, for EVERYTHING that you have done for me. And I mean EVERYTHING.
  • Teddy Bear, for coming into my life. You are very important.
  • Vivian, for taking the trouble to buy the TOMS shoes for me and brought it back with you from Sydney. Sorry for the head butting at times. Haha!
  • John, for going to “that meeting” with Mom, and together both of you “handled” it for me.
  • Catherine, for always being so gung-ho and willing to help. I wish to be more like you.
  • Rose and Michael, your presence in my life is priceless.
  • Lusi, without you, everyone will not be able to enjoy themselves as much as they could, in every way imaginable in the house. You are a gem!
  • Trio, for being my company. Although you are very naughty at times, you are still the apple of my heart. MIAO~
  • Hiro, thank you for being the apple of Mom’s heart and making her so happy. Also thank you for keeping Lusi busy with you pee-pee all over the house… WOOF!
  • Anne Wong, for helping to get my life back in order—you know what you did and are doing for me.
  • Ty, for being my friend and ever-willing to help. You’re the best “chauffeur” in town, but you know you’re more than that.
  • Scott and Isaac, for being my carpool buddy. You have helped me so much.
  • Ty, Faisal, Keith, Jim, for being a friend to you-know-who (clue: Teddy Bear).
  • Ilir, for always being there to talk with me whenever something comes up. You are indeed a wonderful friend. (Ilir, tu sei sempre lì a parlare con me quando qualcosa viene in su. Tu sei davvero un amico meraviglioso.).
  • Keith Khong, for your recommendation to use for my Italian studies. Without Babbel, a lot of what happened next wouldn't have happened...
  • Maine, you are God-sent and indeed, everything happens for a reason.
  • Irene Lo, for being the “worm” in my tummy. Like Maine, you’re wonderful.
  • Stefanie Wong, you helped me so much when I was trying to settle down in Penang for my new job. Your bubbly, cheeky self always make me happy!
  • Francesco Santarelli, for igniting that love and passion for Italy and everything Italian in me. You have no idea what you have sparked and one thing led to another. I owe you!
  • Norman Tan and family, for your quirkiness and love!
  • Everyone who LIKED my Facebook Page and my Facebook friends who make my life interesting.
  • Peter B, for the opportunity to embark on a role totally new to me, and the job scope expansion was an incredible experience. It gave me the opportunity to prove myself that I can do it. I have not seen a boss fairer than you, and by that I meant justly rewarding for performance and tackling work situations neutrally.
  • Tony C, for being a supportive and understanding new boss. I appreciate everything that you have done so far.
  • Yee Zer, for your friendliness and for being my last-minute transport savior at work.
  • Raye, for your generous personality and always looking out to help me and others.
  • KP, YM, “Wiki”, for being my friends in Intel. You guys are so funny!
  • KB, although you said “No” each time I sought your help to carpool, I know you were joking. So, thank you!
  • All my other colleagues, you are unique in your own ways and your presence enhance my work life.
  • Rapid Penang for enabling a car-less girl (OK, woman—for those of you snickering) to be mobile. The smartphone app is also very helpful for my constantly-planning self.
  • Psychos, for fortifying me and teaching me how to be even more resourceful and adding to my “Experience Bank”.