Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Alice Watches: SKYFALL (James Bond 007)


But, before I say more, here's a related short story I wanted to relay. I finally managed to catch Skyfall and this was my second attempt. The first time I failed to watch it because there was some technical issues with the screening hall at GSC. The cinema broadcasted over the PA system that they'd refund us if we wish to get a refund OR alternatively wait it out. I waited it out but then opted for a refund because they changed the screening hall and to top it off, it became free seating. The risk of losing my beautiful seat at the final row, right smack in the middle was VERY HIGH. As I was thinking through my options, I see a mad rush to the "gate". Since I wasn't kiasu I already lost the "battle" and most people were already "ahead of me" or "in front of me". So I did the smart thing and asked for my refund. Counter 1 gave me back my money and guess what... I even got a complimentary ticket valid for a month to watch Skyfall! I really didn't expect to receive a free ticket.

So I redeemed my ticket today and got myself a nice seat, also last row and right smack in the middle. I kept my fingers and toes crossed, and everything was perfect. Now, for my (no, OUR) thoughts on the movie. Today's post is a collaborative effort. It's team work between Patrick, Wai Yee and me. It wasn't my intention to do this in the beginning but I suddenly got the idea, so here it is: Our dialogue in Facebook! Click on the pictures to enlarge.

And the conversation continued...

For me, the outcome of watching this is I'm inspired. I'm inspired to:
  1. Renew my passion for fitness.
  2. Wear dresses.
  3. Drive a car. I wouldn't say drive like a pro because I hardly can drive in the first place, so best to get the basics right...
Have you watched SKYFALL? What are your thoughts?