Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Alice Reviews: Amore ho perso l'aereo by Silvia Menini

A few months ago, I made a new Italian friend and her name is Silvia Menini. She's very pretty and sweet, and guess what... she's also an author! When I found out that she has written three stories, all for the Amore ho perso l'aereo series, I got very excited and started searching for them. Unfortunately, I was not able to buy them because I reside outside of Italy.

When I told her my predicament, she sent me all three stories! That was a fabulous advance birthday present for me. I must say I struggled reading an Italian chick-lit, but armed with my Italian dictionary and never-say-die attitude, I pressed on and finished the first story. Brava! Here's a recensione (review) I wrote on the page...

La recensione (The Review)

Reading my first Italian story has kept me very, very "alert" and it felt strange (in a good way) at first. After a while though, I began to get used to the Italian rhythm and immersed myself in the story. I keenly followed Sabrina (the female protagonist), felt her predicament, and in some ways related to her situation particularly her relationship with Luca. Standing in the way between the two is Massimo, her colleague, who is also in love with her. The situation is explained in the story and Sabrina has her reasons for getting entangled. The story has its funny moments (I laughed at her airport situation - sorry, Sabrina!) but certain parts got me teary-eyed. What I did not expect, though, is what happened at the end AND that is why I need to read the second story (#2: La moglie di mio marito) very, very soon.

My favorite quote from the story: "Mai annegare nel cibo e nei dolci il bisogno di affetto e di stabilità interiore, perché poi ci si ritrova tristi e comunque poco equilibrate, come prima, ma con qualche chilo in più."

This is my first reading and I will re-read it again for a better grasp. Great stuff, Silvia!