Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Alice Reads: Teaser Tuesdays (Skinny Italian)

Happy Teaser Tuesdays, my friends! I'm enjoying this book tremendously. SKINNY ITALIAN (ISBN: 9781401310356) is a highly readable book and for a person (me) who is completely clueless in cooking, I'm actually having fun! Here's today's teaser from page 79.
Cooking and eating should not be a thing you do without thinking. You should savor every bit of it. It's almost like a prayer, the way I cook in my kitchen. I inhale the smells, close my eyes, and I'm thankful. I can't just chop a tomato. I have to love it first. I might rub it on my cheek or give it a little kiss. So smooth and soft and ripe and juicy. I want to know every corner, edge, surface, and texture of my food. Slowing down and appreciating the entire process will make a huge difference in how you enjoy food, how much you eat, and how your body responds to it.