Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Alice Reads: Teaser Tuesdays (16 October)

It's been a while! I'm back and playing Teaser Tuesdays once again. All of a sudden I'm re-inspired  and although I've been reading lots of great books (OK, not THAT many recently, but still...), I haven't been really diligent in keeping track of what I read.

Here are my two "teaser" sentences from Teresa Giudice's SKINNY ITALIAN (page 5, ISBN: 9781401310356).

I'm just like you: a regular girl with two eyes and a brain and enough common sense not to buy any of this crap. I've always loved my body, and I've been eating the exact same way since the day I was born.

Way to go, Teresa Giudice! Read all the book reviews here.

By the way, what the author meant by the parola (word) "crap" is the confusing mess about food and nutrition. Atkins, caveman diet? Yeah, for example: eat lots of meat BUT then all of a sudden, meat wasn't okay. Milk was bad, then milk was good. Half the "experts" said protein's good and half say you don't need it ever. Etc. etc. etc. Can you see the point?...