Thursday, October 18, 2012

Alice and Her Piccola Principessa, Trio

I brought Trio home on Saturday, 23 June. So... I have a new cat and I would like to introduce her to all my friends! 
When I entered the "Cat Zone" at SPCA Penang, I was greeted with loud, bold and cheerful meows. It was like a Kitty Orchestra. Every single cat, big and small, were so cute! I stood there for a moment just looking at each and every one of them, wondering to myself, if only I could take them all home...
It was a hard choice to make. The helper said I could let the cats loose for them to run around. That way, I would be able to see how they interact. I let three or four out at the same time. Again, it was so hard to choose. Every single furkid was special. So I spent one precious hour there, playing with them and taking their photos.
I decided to follow my cuore (heart) and Trio the piccola principessa (little princess) came home with me. The adoption papers were signed and she's all mine! Meet Trio, my friends!
Hello, my name is Trio... Will you be my new mommy?
The Trio Story
According to Lily of SPCA Penang, Trio joined the SPCA fur-family this year on 11 April. She hails from Sungai Petani, Kedah, which is another state in Malaysia. Kedah is about 45 minutes' drive from Penang. The Good Samaritan who brought her in is a social feeder. Someone dumped Trio outside the social feeder’s house.
The Trio Personality
She's a calm and quiet cat. She hardly uttered a word at SPCA but the look she gave me was intense. I knew she was the one for me. In the car (a private taxi), she miao-ed for the first time and it was the sweetest sound I've heard in a long, long time. She's absolutely beautiful!
(Once in a while, she is capable of going completely matta (mad; insane) on me but she's still the sweetest thing.) 

Trio is a great climber! This was waaaaay up on the ceiling. I noticed a coincidence here with the colors of Italy. Her collar was a beautiful combination of green and red (colors of the Italian flag) and at that point of time, I hadn't realize it at all. Even her given name, Trio, is Italian. Haha!