Thursday, March 15, 2012

MARCH: Aim Higher (The Happiness Project)

I finished the March chapter long ago but did not stop to write a post. I bulldozed through to October and I am almost done with the chapter. If there is one thing that resonated with me in March, it is failure. ENJOY THE FUN OF FAILURE. It is really quite comforting when you look at it that way. It releases one from sense of dread so says the author.

With the prospect of failure there's also opportunity for successes. For example, I took some risks in accepting the current job in Penang when I was head-hunted almost two years ago. I wasn't sure if I would succeed in a role that's totally new to me, but I was pretty sure I could adapt living by myself in Penang and I was thrilled by it. I am a creature of solitude.

I also failed many times in my life. Failed relationship, failed friendship, failed attempts in personal development programs (but I do love reading self-help and personal development materials because they helped me so much)—you name it. It's almost always like I'm born to attract failures. But every time I fail, I learn. Failure IS actually fun. It's costly, yes, but the lessons, priceless.

A challenging goal becomes easier to tackle when tackled in a happy frame of mind. When I'm happy, I'm much more likely to take risks, reach out to others, and expose myself to rejection and failure. That's what the author says and I truly agree with her because I'm reading myself when I read that sentence. All my life, I have been subjecting myself to failures (almost setting up myself for them whenever I take certain risks), but I also have my fair share of successes.