Wednesday, February 08, 2012

JANUARY: Boost Energy (The Happiness Project)

Completing the first chapter was a breeze for me, because it dealt with a topic that is close to my heart: vitality.

"Sleep is the new sex." Try to dispute that because I know I can't. It's so true. But I failed miserably at getting my 8-hour sleep. The fact that I am writing this post now, right this moment, is proof that I will not be clocking enough hours on the bed.

Apart from getting enough sleep so that you feel more energetic and cheerful (which is true, by the way, because on days I do get enough snooze, I'm particularly perky and nice), exercising is also very important. So much has been said about exercising but getting around to it is a challenge for most people. For me, though, exercising is fun! I walk home after work for about 45 minutes and add on an hour of weight lifting as "round two" for my workout routine. Echoing Rubin echoing Nietzsche who wrote, "All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking," I can totally relate to that. Most of the time, while walking in a longer but safer and cleaner route in housing estates, I get useful insights and ideas of what to do with my life. It's really, really good.

While exercising is effortless for me, what I struggle to work on is decluttering. I have books, magazines, papers, and stuff lying around the small apartment I'm renting here in Penang. I want to declutter but I also want to be surrounded by them. Well, I suppose if being surrounded by them makes me happy, I should leave them be. OK, problem solved. Having said that, I will be trying the 'virtual move' and that is walk around my apartment and ask myself if I were moving, would I pack this or get rid of it? For tackling to-do lists, (note-to-self) remember to stay calm and attack them bit by bit. One of the best ways to lift your mood is to engineer an easy success. OK... I will remember that.

I say this chapter is practical and definitely sets the tone for happiness throughout the rest of the year. I found Rubin's project to be mine too, so I didn't have to start from scratch. I'm looking forward to reading the February chapter and looking into love!

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