Tuesday, November 15, 2011


“For most Malaysians, organ donation remains an idea far removed from their everyday lives. Until they need one. Hoong Ling has managed to demystify the whole process of organ donation, from signing the pledge to actually donating one, in an easy, even humorous, way. Hopefully this will encourage more Malaysians to pledge their organs and help save lives...”
Marina Mahathir
Women's Right Activist

Hoong Ling is a friend I met during a few conferences where both of us were invited as guest speakers. I am glad to be her friend and she is a down-to-earth, funny and friendly person. She is engaging and one can easily sense her sincerity in the cause she believes in, and that is organ donation. When she published her book, I Don't Know You But Let Me Save You, I was elated and did not hesitate to get a copy for myself.

On January 14, 2009, Hoong Ling parted with sixty percent of her liver to save a child's life. Lee An Qi was the girl who received the gift of life. She wrote this book to promote awareness of organ donation and hopes that her story will encourage more people to come forward and pledge their organs. In her book, Hoong Ling systematically breaks her book into three parts:
  1. PART ONE: Organ Donation and My Life. Here, she tells the story of her journey with wit and humor. She describes the six stages she had to go through from the initial matching tests to post-operation. Potential donors will be able to learn about what to expect if they were to donate their liver. She has done all the homework and actually went under the knife for it. What makes the story real is that she also talks about her own self-doubts and many times she feels like chickening out, but the thought of saving a life and the expenses An Qi's family had incurred to perform tests on her, strengthens her to go through with it.

  2. PART TWO: More on Organ Donation. Hoong Ling addresses the many questions about organ donation and relation information in the form of easy to digest "Frequently Asked Questions".

  3. PART THREE: How You Can Pledge. This section contains forms for readers to pledge to donate their organs after death. Hoong Ling hopes that readers will complete the form, cut out the donor card and carry it with them at all times.

I have created a Wordle to illustrate the parts of organs and tissues that we can donate after death. Quoting Hoong Ling: Our body is like a car. Parts of a car may be reused in another car, just like our body. When we die, the "spare parts", our organs, can still stay in this world to continue serving others.


I am inspired by Hoong Ling and will be pledging my organs. I may pass away but my body parts can continue to give life to others. This also reminded me to keep my body healthy and fit, so that the living will get the best of me.

You can purchase the book at MPH Bookstores or MPH online.

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