Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Khoo Kongsi, Cannon Square

The Khoo Kongsi clan temple is a monument of Zhang Zhou architecture, built in 1906 by craftsmen from China. It is dedicated to the clan's deities and also houses a collection of ancestral tablets. The complex can be accessed through the formal entrance at Beach Street, a side entrance at Armenian Street and a carriageway (formerly with a wooden gate) at Cannon Street.

Inside the temple

The wealth of decorative detail within the Khoo Kongsi includes stonework, woodcarving, gilding, lacquer-work, murals and calligraphy. (Source: p.34 of Penang Through Gilded Doors)

I will be showing more of the decorative details in my next Wordless Wednesday posts. They're exquisite! I loved the wall carvings below.

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