Friday, October 21, 2011

Hiking Penang Hill, in which Ah Yang the Little Sheep Blogs...

Hello, my name is Ah Yang and I am a little sheep. This is me blogging.

My daddy has gone on a vacation for two weeks in some place called Kuala Lumpur, so here I am spending my baa-baa-black-sheep days with Alice. I think she is doing a good job babysitting me (although I think I do not need any babysitting at all... I'm a good sheep.). She taught me how to read, and now she is teaching me how to blog. This is my first sheepalicious post—enjoy!

Alice took all the pictures that you are about to see. She told me they were taken using her good ol' Nikon D40. She also said something about "manual setting"... I have no clue. Read on...

On a sunny evening of I-can't-remember-which-day, Alice went hiking with Daddy. The 5-KM hike was tough in the beginning but, but, but when they reached the first rest stop that looked like a gazebo, the hike eased a wee bit. Alice said there was a cute topless guy in geeky glasses stretching and doing some push-ups on the bench. (But I always thought Daddy is the cutest...) It was an easier stretch after that but soon it got tough again, especially nearing the top.

The view is worth panting for.

Continuing on, they reached yet another rest place—this time a bigger one—and it's called 84. This was at about KM 3.5 or so? Here, hikers could get a drink to quench their thirst and apparently there will be food served for early hikers. There is a donation box on the table alongside the kettles below.

Fancy a drink?
 One hour and thirty minutes later, they reached the top. Oh, look at the view! This is Penang from atop... Beautiful, lovely, Penang.
 Lovely red flowers... I feel like nom-ing them. Must taste quite as good as they look!
 Alice loves this picture and made it her laptop wallpaper.

By the time the pair of them were coming down, it was already dark. Crazy people, these two. Alice told me it was nice like that. Almost stepped on a huge lizard, too, but avoided murdering the creature in the nick of time. At 8.30 p.m. they reached the bottom, at the start of the 5-KM hike.

That's all and blogging is fun. Happy Friday!