Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bookish Mission Accomplished: Barcode-Scan My Books

I can't believe the last time I updated my book catalog on LibraryThing (LT) was January this year. As it stands today, I have close to 1,400 titles in my personal library catalogued on LT, excluding the Kindle ones. Believe me, my "non-performance" has been bugging me for a few months now.

I finally decided to put an end to self-agonizing and do something about it, so I have been thinking. Thinking of ways to do this painlessly and quickly. I thought about scanning the bar codes of my newly acquired books using iPhone and integrating it with LT. But how?

I found my answer in the app RedLaser. It's so easy to use! The idea is to do multiple scans of bar codes, then email the list to self, and thereafter copy the said to LT's "Import books" page. Easy-peasy. I am going to save time by pointing you directly to an excellent post on how to do this at

I have experimented with three of my new books and it worked beautifully. All you need to do after importing is wait for the queue in LT to clear and for your books to magically appear in your library. Fear not for duplicates because LT is capable of detecting those and you can opt to exclude them from the import.

With this, I will make it my immediate weekend project to merrily scan all my books!

Before I go, here's another BKM: I want to work even faster so to speed things up even more, I recommend bookmarking the LibraryThing "Import" page on your "Bookmarks Toolbar". All I need to do in the future is just click a button to get there!

Coming up next on Friday: Ah Yang the little sheep blogs!