Monday, June 20, 2011

How to Vote on my ELMS Page (NOTE: Voting ends on June 25)

Hi all! I have received multiple requests asking me how to vote on my page at the Estee Lauder Model Search website, so here it is: a simple set of guide with some snapshots.

(Estee Lauder, please take note. You should improve on the website because if so many people are asking how to vote when arriving at the site, something is clearly not right. I shouldn't have to write this how-to post. Anyway...)

Step One: Click here or on the picture and you will see the screenshot below.

Step Two:
Click on "register" located right below the comments. (You can also do the same on the main page and the link to register is on the top right-hand corner). A pop-up box will appear asking "Do you want to register via Facebook?" Click "No".

NOTE: If you select the Facebook option, I heard feedback that it does not work.

Step Three:
When you click "No" the following pop-up will appear. Please fill out your email address, password, mobile number and picture (optional). You can uncheck the "Email me the latest news on Estee Lauder" if you so wish.

Step Four:
After you have successfully registered, the following pop-up box will appear. You will need to validate your email address. Upon successful validation, you will be taken back to the main page.

Step Five (and Final): You can now vote! On the main page, move your mouse (do not click) to "Semi Finalists", and when the drop-down list appears click on "Penang:Cat B".

Click on my picture (ELMS2011-JCB015) and proceed to vote and comment, if you so wish. Comments are moderated so they will only appear upon the administrator's approval.

Mission accomplished!

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support and votes!

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