Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hello, Hatyai! The Klonghae Floating Market

About two weeks ago, I wrote about my trip to Hatyai. This is part two of the said trip and it's about the Klonghae Floating Market. The three of us took a tuk tuk from town and since it was quite a distance, it will cost a little bit more. The floating market opens only three days a week from Friday to Sunday, 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. Come with me now to this colorful place!

You'll have to walk for a bit before you reach the boats and on your way in there are stalls.
 This is interesting. Sausages sold in this "format".
 Taking a closer look at the sausages.
 Fragrant pandan leaves folded into beautiful roses.
You have the option of buying drinks in ceramic containers and that will cost slightly more. You get to keep the cute containers.
 The floating market. Tah-dah!
 The view from the top.
 The busy marketplace.
 "I want that one, please..."
 This is how the exchange for money and goods is done through a long stick.
 Meanwhile, a cat waits to be fed. Once you bought your food items, you can park yourself at the long tables and enjoy the goodies.
This is my favorite picture. This lady is a very friendly sweet potatoes seller.
 Colorful desserts are sold too.
 My friends and I proceeded to the bazaar on the ground when we finished surveying the floating ones. We bought corns, fried buns, fried mushrooms and a whole lot of other foodstuff to enjoy.
 The fried buns are yummy! This one has white lotus and salted egg filling. The lady seller was very nice to decorate it like this for my photo taking!
 The making of the roti canai (or roti prata)
On our way out when we were ready to leave, we saw this fizzy drink jelly seller.
 Very colorful jelly in the making!

I did not buy anything from the floating market because I was being a pain for hygiene reasons, but I did succumb to the fried buns and roti canai on the ground. I am sure I would probably survive if I did eat stuff from the boats, but I'm not taking any chances at that moment. I also didn't take pictures of fried bugs and worms, which are delicacies there. I would probably pass out going near them.