Monday, June 13, 2011

Hello, Hatyai! Welcome to Thailand

I made a short two-day/one-night trip over the weekend to Hatyai, Thailand, with two of my colleagues Scott and Raye. We traveled by minivan operated by A.G. Express Services (we bought the tickets at Komtar). The trip to our destination took about five hours and we started at 5:15 a.m.

We managed to check in immediately into our room at Sakura Grand View Hotel so that was good, because we could leave our bags behind and started exploring Hatyai. Our activities revolved around shopping and eating. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

My friends were mapping out the place we wanted to visit. Thank goodness for them because I can't read maps to save my life.
 But I like taking pictures. LOL!
 After deciding on the itinerary, we launched out. We had to be very focused on what we wanted to do because we only had very limited time available.
 I saw this bird in the cage. He seemed to be contemplating about his future.
 There are lots of mobile soft toys sellers like this one.
 A beautiful dog sun tanning on a sunny morning.
 Young Thai girl eating what looked like dates straight from the jar.
 On the streets of Hatyai.
 Colorful panda floor mats.
This is how tuk tuk (taxis) look like from the back.
 Took a photo of my reflection using the glass in front of a shop.
 Lots of sellers selling fruits and other items in front of the Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel. (Also, this is how a Tuk Tuk looks like from the front - see the blue vehicle.)
Juicy-looking lychees.
 Clothes on sale.
 Watches, too. They're so colorful!
 ATM machines all in a row...
 Perfect timing for a candid shot. Here are two good looking guys outside Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel. Gorgeous arms!
 Sawadee ka... Me next to the dashing Ronald McDonald.
 On the way hunting for lunch, I saw this lady.
 Oh, before I forget, there's a bookstore called Seng Ho Bookstore and it sells books in Thai only (at least that's what Raye and I saw in there).
 IT books (all in Thai).
 I love the Literature section. Love in Thai ความรัก (pronounced as khwām rạk).
 The business section
And it's time for lunch! We ate at Daothiam.
 We saw a super dog with superb balancing powers on a motorcycle carrying a basket with its mouth. We were on our way in a tuk tuk to the Klonghae Floating Market when we saw this.

 It's time to go home... We left on Sunday afternoon. We had a bit of issue with the minivan and we waited for 45 minutes for it. Apparently there was some miscommunication. The ticket stated pickup from the hotel at 12 p.m. but the van didn't show up until 45 minutes later. I had to call the local office and the one in Penang a couple of times. We rushed back from our shopping at Tesco Lotus and lunch (the fastest ever), hopped onto a tuk tuk after that although our hotel was just down the road. We ran up to our room and checked out, all by 12 p.m. only to have to wait for the said van. Hrrrmmmphhh! Oh well, at least the van showed up in the end.

It rained on our way to the Sadao Immigration.
 Traffic jam on our way there; wait until you see the crowd...
 I hate crowds and had almost gone berserk when I saw this. Together with my two friends, we stood in the queue for 1.5 hours before our turn.
Stay tuned!