Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Finally "Killed" Facebook from My Life

I've made the final decision. I've pulled the plug. I feel sad yet liberated. Today, I said goodbye to 728 friends, most of whom I know because they're my colleagues (present and past), friends from school days, bloggers and a small number of random acquaintances.

Now, for one's account to be truly deleted from Facebook, one must not sign in to his or her account for 14 days following the deactivation, for the slightest activity—be it through the Web or iPhone (or whatever it is you're using) or other social networks that are linked to one's Facebook account—will reactivate the account.

I will try my best to remember NOT to sign in or accidentally sign in to my account. I have "killed" the app on my iPhone, cleared my browser of history and cache, so that ought to minimize temptation and gear me towards freedom from Facebook.

I shall report again in the next few days to see how I fare. Bye-bye, Facebook!