Friday, April 22, 2011

The CLEO 50 Most Eligible Bachelors 2011

I met up with my girl friends, Irene and Eunis, last Saturday at 1 Utama Shopping Centre to catch up since I was home for my brother's birthday. Great food (at Delicious) and great company! And guess what? We bumped into the CLEO 50 Most Eligible Bachelors party! Right on time, too.

Now, this was before we "bumped" into the boys. We were at Forever 21 checking out some clothes. And I spotted these nice "FBI" loose tank tops.

Find Boys Immediately, indeed. After seeing those tanks, we found them. Totally unexpected and I didn't even know about this event. The boys were modeling for, I think, Kitschen. Should be, because it's right smack in front of the store, and is one of the co-sponsors of the event.

And then they changed and were all ready for the Speed Dating session.

Bachelors on stage. And me thinks the MC is very pretty.

The girls waiting in the queue, inside Kitschen. The CLEO organizers asked me to get into the queue as well, but I was there just to be a "busybody". Ha!

Full house.

Let the fun begin! Every girl has two minutes to get to know the hunk in front of them, and then move to the right when the bell *dings*. Repeat.

I think the guy on the left is Daniel Betz. Daniel, 29, is a process engineer.

Hello, there! I think the guy on the right is Ryan Matjeraie. Ryan, 26, is a radio DJ and TV host.

The girls busy getting to know the guys.

Now, I really like this Bachelor. If I matched him correctly, he should be Daren Lee. I just love looking at him. He has a certain "magnetism". Daren, 37, is an event company owner and his job involves casting and looking for models and talents.

This is Bo Amir Iqram. He's a music producer/composer/DJ/singer/songwriter, and he's only 25! I like his hair and his sweet smile.

And then, and then... I saw a really cute video guy! I think he's the best looking of the whole lot apart from the one (Daren) I was telling you about. *wink*

"Stalking" Mr. Video

~ The End ~

Please pardon me for the quality of the photos. I did not carry my camera with me and my iPhone was the only "weapon" I had at the time. I squeezed every bit of juice from my Apple. I hope you'll enjoy this post!