Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Penang: The Teluk Bahang Beach Edition

Penang is a funny place. I'll tell you why. Last Saturday, I had wanted to go out for a walk around Penang—you know, to continue the second part of my mini adventure—and it had to rain (almost) non-stop. So, I couldn't do what I wanted to do. Then the following day on Sunday, the sun was shining so brightly and cheerfully, you wouldn't have guessed it was wet the day before. See what I mean? And... I haven't even told you about the sudden storm (and I REALLY mean sudden) last night.

The good thing about sunny Sunday, though, was that my carpool buddy Scott suddenly decided to go to the beach and that made me a happy camper. Off we went with Simon, his friend. Simon is a nice guy.

Welcome to the Teluk Bahang beach!
 The green and super lush tree greeted us
 The sun peeking through
 It's a beautiful day
 Here are my two friends, Scott and Simon (put the first letters of our names together and they'll form A-S-S... oh dear)
It's time to take a walk
 I saw this young boy looking out into the sea
 A man throwing a fishing rod into the sea while the young boy looked on
 I saw a young girl having fun in the green patches
 This is me...
...and my legs
A fisherman out in the sea collecting his net, ready to go home
 Washed ashore...
 Isn't it nice?
 Children playing happily
 A young boy fishing
The sun setting
 The boys can really JUMP!

That's it! I'm also happy to know a new friend (Simon). I hope you like this little adventure of mine and I'm hoping for more to come!