Saturday, March 19, 2011

Penang, Penang, here I come...

Today on a sunny Saturday afternoon, I made up my mind to go on a mini adventure in Penang. I had always wanted to go to the town and wander about. Instead of the usual taxi rides (which can be costly in Penang) I decided to take the bus. This is the FIRST time I traveled by bus since arriving in Penang nine months ago. The sunny afternoon soon turned into a drizzling day.

Waiting for the Rapid Penang bus is the only negative experience in today's trip. I waited at the bus stop a short distance from my apartment. Twice, within 30 minutes of waiting, I see the buses I was supposed to board passed me by on the opposite side of the road, and I thought hey, maybe I was on the wrong side of the road. But when I crossed over to the other side, I saw one passed by on the side I WAS on! Blimey. I inhaled exhaust fume, dust and dirt for almost one hour before I finally managed to board one. Tough. I almost gave up.

From that moment on, everything was good.

The ride took close to an hour to reach my destination that is the Weld Quay, the same time it takes for me to travel home to Kuala Lumpur by flight. It's very cheap to take the bus and it costs only MYR2.70. The bus is air-conditioned, clean and comfortable.

After getting down at the bus terminal just next to the Jetty, I started my walk around town. I started in the late afternoon so by the time I reached the town I didn't do much. The pictures here were taken using my DSLR and iPhone.

Love Lane attracted my attention so I decided to wander there. Saw lots of backpackers, tourists, and guess what, a 'vegetarian' cat! I put camera into action... This is the "Crouching Alice, Nibbling Kitty" series.

This cat didn't run away from me but looked me in the eye
 Kitty: I love my greens! Meooooww~~
 Me: Love that natural eyeliner, Kitty!
 And she gets back at nibbling her greens...
 Love Lane
 I like the colorful shop buildings

The smell of food immediately reminded me that I haven't had lunch and my stomach launched into an orchestra. I stopped by Monaliza B.B.Q because the place looks nice and quiet; only a Caucasian couple lounging there. I ordered Thai-style fried rice and kopi-O (local black coffee).

My Thai-style fried rice. It's delicious and so good! What's best is that I didn't feel thirsty after eating, which means no MSG added. The super late lunch/super early dinner at 5:30 p.m. fueled the remainder of my walk-around.
A short while after I settled down, two hunks came along. Good thing they sat in front of me because that means good "view" for me. The guy with his hair tied up has nice arms (I have a fascination with beautiful biceps). I couldn't help but discreetly took a photo using my iPhone.
Two meows

My walk brought me to Komtar and it ended there. Before that, though, I "surveyed" the shopping mall 1st Avenue and signed up for Maxis mobile broadband at Prangin Mall, which is located just next to 1st Avenue. Oh yes, I'm FINALLY online once again! With that I launched into my blogging mode once again. HURRAH!

P/S: I only spent MYR17 for today's trip (food and bus, not inclusive of signing up for broadband service) and that's cheaper than my 15-minute trip to the office using the taxi!